If you have the opportunity to work from home either full time or part time, a dedicated home office space is a good idea. Most people add a home office to their house, but a garden home office is becoming a popular choice.

Three great reasons you need to move your home office to the garden

  1. It doesn’t take up space in your home. If you’ve ever tried to set up an office in your house you know it is always a compromise. Giving over a whole room is often too much so home offices share space with other things like kid’s toys or washing piles. Even worse, a home office is often just temporarily set up on the dining room table! This can be distracting and looks less than professional. A garden home office takes away that issue and gives you your own space to work with.
  2. You are removed from the distractions of the home. Talking of distractions – have you ever tried working from home while ignoring that pile of washing or the full dishwasher? Perhaps you find the call of the television too great when you are struggling for motivation. Moving to a dedicated office space slightly removed from your house takes away these distractions. It makes it easier to set office hours and switch between work and home modes. It also makes it easier to keep working even if your family are in the house.
  3. You can make it how you want. Having an office outside the home allows you to decorate and furnish it without worrying about matching decor. You can set up all your technology and fill it with office stuff like whiteboards and planners. If you see clients, you could make a separate entranceway so visitors don’t have to come through your home.

An added bonus of garden home offices is that they can add value to your property. If you choose the right structure it could be adapted for other uses like a granny flat and will have more appeal to future buyers.

Make creating your garden home office easy with Unit2Go

Unit2Go supplies high-quality transportable buildings throughout Auckland and the North Island which are perfect for use as a garden home office.

All our units are insulated and can be wired up to your existing power and have water connected. We have a range of different sized units to choose from and our experienced drivers can deliver to your property and help site the unit properly.

If you are thinking about adding a garden home office to your place, give us a call to see how we can help.