If you would like to make a second income from a property but don’t have enough to buy a long-term rental property. Or you want to make money from a sleepout with a bathroom that is also sometimes used by the family, using a granny flat for Airbnb could be the answer.

granny flat or transportable cabin is a great way of adding a second property to your section without the hassle of subdividing or building a permanent building. And using Airbnb gives you the flexibility of not having someone in your building all the time.

Figures from Airbnb show that a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom cabin in Auckland can be rented for somewhere between $50 and $200 a night. So if you can fill the nights throughout the year, it could be worth it.

Things to think about when using a transportable cabin for Airbnb

If you decide using a granny flat for Airbnb might be a possibility, there are a few things to think about.

  • How often you want to rent it out? If you have a family, who use the unit regularly make sure you keep those times free.
  • What parking is available? Make sure you have adequate on or off-street parking for guests to leave their vehicles safely.
  • What about access? Think about whether you want to greet guests or make the unit accessible to them without needing to talk to you. You could use a dropbox for a key or a keypad code entry.
  • What can you provide? Airbnb hosts should present a clean unit with linen, towels, pillows, toilet paper and soap. You may choose to add extras such as tea and coffee or pay per view television.
  • Are there any regulations you need to meet? You might need to check whether you will need to pay tax on your Airbnb earnings. If you don’t have a unit already on site, you may also need to check council regulations and your insurance.
  • Can you be available to take bookings and answer questions? Most Airbnb bookings are made online, so you’ll need reliable internet and time to respond to enquiries.

Why choose Unit2Go to supply a unit if you are using a granny flat for Airbnb?

Unit2Go supplies a range of transportable cabins so you can pick one that suits your section size and the limits you want to put on your Airbnb listing. For example, if you only want couples or single people staying, opt for a small unit.

Our unit features include connections to both electricity and water and you can fit kitchens and bathrooms. This makes them fully self-contained so your guests will be able to enjoy a self-sufficient holiday. We build our units from strong frames and insulate them so your guests will be safe and comfortable.

If you are interested in using a granny flat on Airbnb or need a transportable unit for any other purpose, give us a call to discuss your options for renting or buying with low deposit finance options.