If you’d like to use empty space on your section as an income stream but don’t want to build then using a transportable unit for a rental property is a good alternative.

Some people choose to use a unit for short-term holiday lets through companies like Airbnb, but you can also use them for long-term rental contracts with the right set up.

Things to consider when planning to use a transportable unit as a rental property

You may need consent for the building
Before you get on to thinking about the actual rental you need to find out if you can place a transportable unit on your section. Changes to the Building Act have made it easier to add a second dwelling but there are certain conditions such as size or having cooking facilities that may still require you to obtain consentRentals must conform to Healthy Homes standards
New standards bought in by the government mean all rental properties must now conform to Healthy Homes standards which cover areas such as insulation, heating and ventilation. You will need to make sure that your unit meets standards before you rent it. Whether you will you furnish the property
Rentals can be furnished or unfurnished. Furnished rentals usually command a slightly higher price but can put off people who are wanting to bring their personal belongings with them rather than store them. However, furnishing a tiny home can be harder than a normal home due to obvious space constraints, so you may want to consider renting the unit furnished and doing it yourself. That way you can choose appropriate furniture and storage optionsWhat type of tenants you want to attract
Thinking about what type of tenants you want at the beginning helps you decide the unit size and rental period. You may find that couples and single people are more likely to want to rent a small property so market your unit accordingly. For some people, a tiny home may be a suitable option for a shorter-term rental for example between other properties or during building work. In this case, it may help if you are open to short-term contracts of 6 months or a periodic tenancy. Drawing up a rental agreement
If you are only renting a transportable unit you probably won’t need to hire a property manager. You don’t need a written rental agreement. However, it is still best practice to have an appropriate written rental agreement in place. This will cover things like

  • the length of the rental period
  • the amount of rent and what it includes, for example, power and internet
  • any other conditions

The Tenancy Services website has a document you can use.

Unit2Go have a range of transportable cabins suitable for renting out

At Unit2Go we have transportable cabins in a range of sizes to suit all types of rental options. Whether you want to accommodate single people or whole families, we can provide a unit for you.

All our units are carefully built off-site and then transported to your section and sited. They can be easily connected to power and water and can be fully self-contained. Our units also come fully insulated with extractor fans in the bathrooms and can have heat pumps installed. This helps them to meet the Healthy Homes standard.

Contact us to discuss your options for your new unit.

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