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6 Ideas you can use transportable homes at your property

When you hear the words transportable homes what do you think of? A granny flat? A cheap sleepout for teenagers? A transportable home can be used for all those things and more.

Here are six ideas for how you can use your relocatable home

A granny flat: if you have an elderly relative that needs to live nearby but still wants some independence, consider adding a granny flat to your section. With a separate kitchen and bathroom, a granny flat can be self-contained.

Workers accommodation: if you run a vineyard or farm, why not install transportable homes on site for your workers to live in. You could earn a little extra income and your workers will be right there when you need them rather than having to travel in.

A tiny family home: teenagers need their own space? Adult children looking for a place to live but can’t afford to buy or rent? A tiny home could be the answer as it gives everyone independence on a budget.

A rental: if you would like to earn some extra income but can’t afford brick and mortar rental property, adding a transportable home could be the answer.

A home studio: instead of kitting your building out as a home, you could use it as an artist’s studio or home office.

Commercial office space: do you have a building site that needs a site office, or do you need some temporary extra space at your office or school? A transportable cabin could serve your purpose

Rent or buy? You choose when it comes to relocatable homes from Unit2Go

Unit2Go supplies a range of relocatable units so you can choose the one that suits your needs and your section space. You can buy a unit outright or take advantage of our low deposit finance. Once you have chosen your transportable home, our team will deliver it and site it at your property.

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