If the thought of the expense of house buying worries you, save with a tiny house in NZ might be an alternative. These are becoming a popular choice with people on smaller budgets or who are looking for more flexibility.

Here are four key areas where you can save with a tiny house

Mortgages or rents: the biggest area in which a tiny house might save you money is in rent and mortgage costs. You can buy a tiny house with a smaller loan that may have lower interest rates. You can also purchase units on low deposit finance that offers an affordable pathway to ownership.

Building and renovation costs: transportable houses are built off-site to standard or slightly customised plans. This is substantially cheaper than building your own house or renovating. Units are built in a controlled environment, which means building runs to time with no unexpected costly issues.

Insurance: Often home insurance is based on square metres or the number of rooms in your home. Insuring a tiny house in NZ should, therefore, be cheaper than insuring a standard home. As you are likely to have less stuff, contents insurance will also be cheaper.

Utility bills: Heating and lighting a tiny home will be more affordable than a larger property. This will reduce your utility bills. You may even find you could hook your tiny house up to a generator or solar power to further reduce your reliance on the electricity network.

You may also find that having a tiny house saves you money in other ways too. A smaller house means less space for storing things so you may find you buy smarter and hoard things less. If you choose to redecorate you’ll also spend less on things like paint!

Rent, buy with low deposit finance your own tiny house in NZ

If you think a tiny house might be a good option for you, Unit2Go offers a range of tiny houses from one bedroom to three-bedroom homes suitable for families. You can buy outright, rent a unit, or choose our low deposit finance option which offers an affordable path to ownership. Give us a call today to discuss your options.