About the team

Our years of experience mean we’ve mastered the art of building homes that are both affordable and made with the care and quality needed to last. Mark Ross, our founder, has been a qualified builder for nearly 30 years and has worked hard to create a well reputed operation at Unit2go.

mark ross

The owners

Mark started unit2go in 2009 after several other successful building Industry related businesses. In the early days Mark did it all, organising the building and doing all deliveries whilst selling on the phone.

Mark is one of those owners who likes to get stuck in and help out where needed. You will often see him helping the builders, driving a truck, doing whatever is needed to support a customer.

Soon after, Rodger Shepherd came in to help Mark in 2009 and concentrated on the finance company. Rodger helped source funding and allowed the business to keep growing, helping get more Kiwis into long term family homes.

Rodger continues to be involved overseeing the business with particular focus on the finance company.

rodger shepherd

The team

Over the past 12 years, we’ve built up a strong team of some 20 builders, delivery specialists, finance experts and salespeople working in 3 related companies that allow us to provide end to end services for our customers. We’re a diverse bunch of hard workers, all passionate about delivering your dream home.

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