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We’ve got many great looking options and upgrades available to suit all kinds of lifestyles, tastes and budgets.

No matter what size home you choose, all our units are built to the NZ building code and come with the following features that you should expect on any home purchase:

We have been building and financing transportable homes full time since 2009, so come and talk to the experts.

Classic range

This is our core collection of great quality units ranging from very small sleepouts to our large transportable family houses.

Optional extras

There are many additional features and upgrades you can choose to add on to your classic or premium unit to really make it your own home. We’ll work up a price for you once we know what you’d like to include.

  • Extra TV or power points
  • French Doors / Stacker Sliders
  • Saniflo Wastewater System
  • Gas Califont (HW)
  • Electric / Gas Oven
  • Gas / Gas oven
  • Splash back
  • Rangehood
  • Upright pantry
  • Extra decking / steps
  • Heat Pump
  • Breakfast bar
  • Dishwasher, washing machine
  • Back door (2 bedroom option)

Custom design

Unit2go have done a number of custom design builds, still manufactured at our factory and trucked to site. Find out more here.

Frequently asked questions

This is a big purchasing decision, we understand you may have a few questions.
See if you can find an answer here, or get in touch to talk to our team.

What Setup & Prep Do I Need to Do?2021-10-13T18:06:00+13:00

Our Unit2go tiny homes and transportable cabins are carefully delivered using our own specialist transport team and our own truck and trailer.

We then use our digger to easily manoeuvre the cabin into those tight areas that the truck can’t reach. There is usually no site prep needed if the site is reasonably flat. (If the unit is over 10m long we will need to organise a larger digger onsite to manoeuvre it into place). If the site is uneven or sloped you may need to pay for a digger to level the site prior to delivery.

We set up homes and cabins on properties all over the North island, whether on blocks or piles. We make it happen for all kinds of different Kiwis on different sections; from suburban sleepouts and rural tiny house communities, to baches at the beach.

What About Power & Water?2021-10-13T18:06:18+13:00

POWER: All our tiny homes have an electrical compliance certificate. All units come with a 15 metre 16 Amp caravan electrical lead for connection to your existing power source. We recommend you install an external caravan power point at your source.

WATER: Also standard in all our tiny houses/cabins is an exterior water inlet that can be connected with a standard garden hose, from your existing onsite water supply.

WASTEWATER: There are 2 options with Wastewater.

Option 1: Installation of a Saniflo pump. This means that waste can be pumped down a 25mm pipe up to 40ms from the unit, it can also pump uphill 5 metres. There is an extra cost involved for the pump.

Option 2: The toilet outlet can be plumbed in as per your normal house system. This would need to be carried out by a qualified drain layer. The waste will then go into your existing sewer drain or septic tank.

Can You Custom Build using Our Base Design?2021-10-13T18:06:35+13:00

You can choose a standard Unit2go floor plan and make some changes to it to suit your personal needs, or we can custom design according to your requirements. A Unit2go tiny house can be as large as you need – you can always join two units together for a pavilion style home. Please contact our sales team on sales@unit2go.co.nz to discuss your requirements.

We can also build specialist commercial units. We have built many different types of units including; bunkrooms, ablution blocks, mobile bar, mobile cafe, portable stables, offices, etc. The possibilities are endless.

How does Rent to Buy or Finance work?2021-11-09T12:12:57+13:00

We offer finance options against the unit, so you buy the tiny home initially and take on a loan against this at the same time. You then pay us weekly until the loan is paid off. Our sister company, UFinance will provide the finance assuming you are eligible. To start the process, complete our online application form. At the time of submitting your application, you will also need to provide us with photo ID and proof of address, plus you will need landowner approval for where the unit is going to be located.

Please click on the link to view a draft copy of our Credit Contract Unit2go Credit Contracts.

The Finance rate ranges vary, please read about our rates and fees here.

Do I Need to Pay a Bond for a Rental Unit?2021-10-13T18:07:29+13:00

Generally, Unit2Rent does not require a bond for its rental units, however, it does require 2 weeks rent payment up front.  The delivery and pick up fee is required to be prepaid prior to delivery. Minimum rental term is 12 months. Click here for more info.

How Much is Cartage & Setup?2021-10-11T19:09:00+13:00

For a simple delivery, costs start from $750 for 2.4m wide sleepout close to our factory and delivery fees increase from there. Larger units are quoted individually due to extra costs involved for over-dimension pilots etc. Our Premium Series has stricter delivery requirements.

Do I need consent?2021-10-13T18:07:46+13:00

Each cabin is built in accordance with the building code and comes with a council code of compliance. However, you may need a resource consent or building permit for your specific location. If you are unsure about consent or permits then please contact your local council for more information.

Take the first step and talk to us about your dream.