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If you need more space at your place but you don’t want to add a complicated and possibly expensive extension, then a sleepout is the ideal solution.

A sleepout cabin has all the basic structural features of a self-contained unit but without the extras like kitchens. With changes to the Building Act making it easier to add a small second dwelling to your section it is a great time to think about adding a transportable unit.

Unit2Go has two cabins perfect for adding a sleepout to your section

 All our portable cabins are fully insulated, carpeted and painted for comfortable living. They are equipped with light fittings and power points and can be easily connected to a power supply via a caravan lead to your existing supply.

Our Small Sleepout is less than 10m2, and like all our cabins comply with the New Zealand Building Code. This means that council consent is not required to install this particular sleepout.

Small Cabin 4.1m x 2.4m

The Small Sleepout from Unit2Go’s tiny home range is constructed from shadow clad ply on the outside with insulated timber frame walls with grooved MDF on inside. It comes fully painted with a coloursteel roof, timber floor with galvanised steel support beams. View Standard features… Note: All prices are Ex-Factory only. (No on-site costs allowed for unlessRead More

Sleepout with Bathroom 6m x 2.8m

This spacious Sleepout with bathroom from Unit2Go’s transportable cabin range is constructed from shadow clad ply on the outside with insulated timber frame walls with grooved MDF on inside. It comes fully painted with coloursteel roof, timber floor with steel support beams. View standard features… Note: All prices Ex Factory only. (No on-site costs allowed forRead More

Four great uses for a sleepout

A home office

Working from home is growing ever more popular. But, working from the kitchen table or a cramped spare room isn’t so great. A sleepout can be easily reconfigured to make a lovely home office that is practical and comfortable all year round. (LINK TO )

A teenage pad

If you want more space for your teenage children, but they will still be eating doing other things in the main home, a sleepout is a good option. You can fill it with a couple of secondhand sofas and a bed and they can play their music or on the games console without bothering you. (LINK TO )


A man cave or she shed

Sometimes, as much as you love your other half, it is nice to have some space for yourself. A sleepout can be kitted out however you want to reflect your tastes and offers some space to spend time with friends or just chilling on your own. (LINK TO  and )

A hobby room

If you enjoy a hobby like sewing or crafts that takes up a lot of space or a noisy hobby like playing the drums, then moving it out of the house and into a purpose-built space works for everyone.

teenage room
hobby room
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