Providing Flexible Housing Solutions

Are you looking to move out of home but struggling to get on the property ladder?

Maybe you are downsizing and want to realise more of the money from your current property for other things.

Or perhaps you want a flexible lifestyle without being tied to one location?

If any of these situations sound like you then a transportable home could be the answer.

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Architectural Transportable Homes

With our Designer Series, you get all the benefits of our experience in building transportable homes, combined with a stylish look and quality fixtures and fittings inside and out.

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Affordable Transportable Housing Solutions

Are you looking to purchase your first home?

Looking for an affordable solution?

Then a transportable home could be the answer.

Workable Transportable Buildings

Site offices, lunchrooms etc

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Benefits of transportable homes

Compared to renting long-term or getting a mortgage, a transportable home can be a cost-effective alternative. Living in a smaller home can also lower your utility bills and insurance costs so having a tiny house in NZ can save you money.

If you need extra space but don’t want to build a permanent dwelling, our range of transportable units can be an alternative. This works well if you have family members who need to live nearby but want independence.

If you run a business that needs to house workers, our houses can offer cost-effective private living quarters compared to building houses or bunk rooms.  You could also use a transportable house to give you an extra income stream as a rental or holiday property.

A transportable home is just that – transportable – as long as you can find a suitable section you could move it anywhere. Although most people leave their units in situ once they are installed you do have the option of taking your transportable home with you if you need to move.

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What happens when you buy a transportable home?

We construct the units at our factory in Papakura. Once you have selected the type of unit you want or agreed on a customised design and floor plan with us and it is ready, our experienced team will deliver it to you at your site. We’ll ensure the unit is level and add the deck.

If your access is really difficult we may be able to construct the unit on site.

While we do not offer a full custom design and build from scratch service, units can be adapted to meet your more specific needs. You can use our plans as a guide to create a layout that works better for your situation. Our team can also assist you to make sure your ideas will work practically and still meet health and safety and building standard requirements.

We can also alter layouts to suit if you are planning to use your transportable unit for a business rather than a home. Our units have been used for everything from bars to offices.

You are welcome to visit our Papakura factory by appointment and see a unit for yourself.

Get your transportable home with easy rent or buy options

You can buy our affordable transportable homes outright or rent one from us at a competitive rate. Alternatively, we offer low deposit finance options. This allows you to pay a set weekly amount that over a number of years will pay off your transportable home. At the end of this period, it will become yours to own.

Think a transportable home could suit your needs?

Why Choose Transportable Homes Auckland

Are you renting in Auckland but struggling to get on the property ladder?

Maybe you are downsizing and want to realise more of the money from your current property for other things?

If any of these situations sound like you then a transportable home could be the answer.

Adding transportable homes to Auckland sections has become easier over recent years, with the Auckland Unitary Plan allowing for minor dwellings to be built in some residential areas without the need for resource consent. This reduces your compliance costs and should make it easier for you to get approval for your minor dwelling. You will still need building consent if the unit is self-contained like many of Unit2Go’s transportable homes.

It can be tricky working out what sort of consent you need, but our team are knowledgeable about the Unitary Plan and can help you figure out whether you need consent. You’ll need to make sure you have everything in place before your unit is delivered.

Features of Unit2Go’s transportable homes

Unit2Go supplies a range of transportable houses from small sleepouts and one-bedroom homes to four bedroom homes suitable for families. We are a New Zealand owned and operated company and use materials that are manufactured or supplied by Kiwi companies.

Importantly, we construct our units to a high standard with steel frames, aluminium joinery, colour steel roofs and insulation. We’ll also provide you with a Code of Compliance certificate from the council so you know your unit is safe. Read more about our unit features.

We provide all units with both interior and exterior lighting, carpet or vinyl flooring. We have them professionally painted inside and out. Optional extras include television points, ovens and built-in bunk beds.

You can connect every unit to your existing water supply with a standard garden hose. You can connect electricity with the supplied caravan electrical lead.

NZ Building Code Standards

All new units are built to NZ building code and come with a council Code of Compliance Certificate

Finance Options

We offer low deposit finance options

Range of Units

We offer a range of units to meet your budget

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