A Brief History of Tiny Houses in New Zealand

The concept of tiny houses has been around for a long time. Japan in the 1970s created one of the first large-scale tiny accommodation setups. In Russia, a living style which combined tiny private accommodation with shared kitchen and living areas was built as far back as the 1930s.

Although neither of these projects was successful the idea of building individual tiny houses is once again becoming a popular concept.

There are now many examples of people building their own tiny houses in New Zealand

The concept is still relatively new in New Zealand. But the idea of small living as a long-term option is beginning to take off here. The property market boom is pricing more people out of their dream home. As a result, the idea of a tiny home which offers relatively debt-free living is becoming increasingly popular. This is especially so in Auckland where a tiny house offers an affordable option.

Over recent months, a number of people have hit the headlines for building their own tiny houses.

These include Aucklander Bryce Langston who was among the first to try tiny home building in New Zealand. He has spent three years creating his own miniature house on wheels and even runs a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to tiny living.

Among those he spoke to were American couple Jessica and Vanessa Ortiz who built their own small home on the Kapiti Coast, north of Wellington. At the time, Vanessa said they built the home as they could not afford to buy in New Zealand after moving from San Francisco. The pair placed their property on a relative’s land. Vanessa said they had several offers of land to put it on.

Even Mitre 10 has recently got in on the act, helping a Kiwi couple build their own tiny beach house that was visited by Amazing Spaces presenter George Clarke.

Don’t have the time or skills to build your own tiny house?

Do you like the idea of living in an affordable tiny home?  If you don’t have the skills or time to build your own and don’t have the budget to pay for a bespoke build then Unit2Go can help. Why not rent or buy an off the plan tiny house?

Why not rent or buy an off-the-plan tiny house.

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