Are you considering buying a granny flat?

Five questions to ask before you commit  You might think a granny flat is simply for an elderly relative moving in, but an extra building has many uses. Perhaps it is not an elderly family member but a teenager or an adult child who needs their own space. Maybe you run a ...

Are you considering buying a granny flat?2021-10-10T15:53:31+13:00

History of Tiny Houses

A Brief History of Tiny Houses in New Zealand The concept of tiny houses has been around for a long time. Japan in the 1970s created one of the first large-scale tiny accommodation setups. In Russia, a living style which combined tiny private accommodation with shared kitchen and living areas was built ...

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Affordable Tiny Houses

Why choose an Affordable Tiny House With the property market booming and prices creeping ever higher, getting a foot on the property ladder can be hard. Renting is a cheaper option, but does not always have the permanency of an owned house. For people who want to have somewhere to ...

Affordable Tiny Houses2021-10-10T15:46:11+13:00

Transportable Cafe in Karaka

One of our portable units has been transformed into a cafe with outdoor seating at Karaka Harbourside. With our built in kitchen, public toilet facilities and customized with a shop sign and deck with outdoor tables, this has to be the quickest way to setup a shop or cafe anywhere.

Transportable Cafe in Karaka2021-10-10T15:44:23+13:00

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