Everyone needs somewhere to chill out every now and then and making a man cave in a transportable cabin is a great way of getting some space without cluttering up your home.

A man cave is often associated with a bar but there are plenty of things you can kit it out with.

What to use your man cave for

Whether need some space for painting or modelling or a train set, you want to play your musical instrument without causing havoc using a transportable unit as a hobby room is a great idea.

If you are into weight lifting or want a set up for a stationary bike or other cardio equipment, then a man cave in a unit can stop the equipment taking up space in your garage.

One of the most popular uses for a man cave is a place to hang out with a few mates. Whether you just have some comfy chairs or a full set up, it is a great place to relax.

Putting your man cave together

First, you need to decide how big you want your man cave to be. This will partly be decided by what you want to use if for, partly by how big your section is and partly by your budget. Remember that depending on the size of your unit you may need permission from the local authority to site it.

Once you’ve decided on your unit, think about whether you need any amenities. Depending on your plans you might want to add a bathroom or kitchen area. In this case, your unit will need to be connected to power and water.

Keep your decor light if you don’t want your man cave to feel truly cave-like. Furniture that doubles as storage is helpful as it doesn’t take up as much space. The rest of your decor will be based on your own personal style. Maybe a few quirky signs or some motivational quotes for your workout. If your unit is connected to power you’ll also be able to add some electronics like a television or stereo system.

Unit2Go has the perfect unit for you

If you’ve decided a man cave is your thing, then Unit2Go has a wide range of transportable cabins to choose from.

All our cabins are fully insulated and can be easily connected to your home’s power and water system. Cabins are built off-site and delivered to you ready for installation.

Contact us today to discuss your options. And if your other half wants a space of her own, our units make a great she shed too!