Why choose an Affordable Tiny House

With the property market booming and prices creeping ever higher, getting a foot on the property ladder can be hard. Renting is a cheaper option, but does not always have the permanency of an owned house. For people who want to have somewhere to call their own, an Affordable Tiny Houses is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Tiny houses are usually not more than a few square metres and can be transported by trailer from location to location.

This type of building has long been used as a home office, studio or perhaps even a teenagers sleepout. But now they are being used as an alternative to the huge house prices seen in some parts of the country, and internationally. They are perfect for singles or couples looking to get a place of their own.

The benefits of affordable tiny houses

Tiny houses are not only affordable in the beginning, they are also cost-effective in the long run. Benefits include:

  • Lower debt: affordable tiny houses cost much less than a large home, so you may only need a small loan to finance it.  You can rent to buy some of our tiny homes.
  • More energy efficiency: With smaller spaces to heat and less water use, tiny homes are energy efficient. They will save money on utility bills.
  • Less clutter: Small living means living smart. You might need to downsize your stuff but that means you’ll be living with things that are truly important. Tiny houses are also quicker to clean!
  • Location flexibility: Most small homes can be relocated on a trailer. So as long as you can find land to settle on, you could move areas and take your home with you. If you can find a friendly landowner or relative with some extra space you might even manage not to pay any rent, saving even more money.

Save time and hassle and buy a tiny home from an established company

While it is possible to build your own small home, an easier option is low deposit finance to purchase an affordable tiny home from an established company. These homes come built for you. They can be delivered to your site and installed including connections to electricity and water. All you need to do is add furniture and move in.