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Articles about Transportable Cabins, Homes, Tiny houses and Granny Flats

pizza on a wooden board showing the types of meals possible when cooking in a tiny kitchen

Cooking in a tiny home

If you’ve chosen a self-contained transportable unit, then you’ll get a kitchen and bathroom as part of your set-up. Getting used to cooking in a tiny home can be tricky. But with a little bit of practice, you’ll be creating fantastic meals, whether it is a romantic dinner for two or a meal for the whole family. Top tips for cooking in a tiny home Do your prep early. If you have limited space, it can help to break your cooking tasks into different time slots. Get your prep like chopping vegetables done earlier in the day and then at mealtimes, you’ll just need to cook. Keep a tidy workspace. If your workspace is small, then keeping it tidy is a must. Keep prepared ingredients in bowls or tubs to keep it tidy and wash up as you go along. Keep important utensils like knives to hand so you canRead More

exterior of a transportable unit used for a rental property

Using a transportable cabin for a rental property

If you’d like to use empty space on your section as an income stream but don’t want to build then using a transportable unit for a rental property is a good alternative. Some people choose to use a unit for short-term holiday lets through companies like Airbnb, but you can also use them for long-term rental contracts with the right set up. Things to consider when planning to use a transportable unit as a rental property You may need consent for the buildingBefore you get on to thinking about the actual rental you need to find out if you can place a transportable unit on your section. Changes to the Building Act have made it easier to add a second dwelling but there are certain conditions such as size or having cooking facilities that may still require you to obtain consent. Rentals must conform to Healthy Homes standardsNew standards boughtRead More

stools underneath a television showing netflix in a man cave

Making a man cave

Everyone needs somewhere to chill out every now and then and making a man cave in a transportable cabin is a great way of getting some space without cluttering up your home. A man cave is often associated with a bar but there are plenty of things you can kit it out with. What to use your man cave for Whether need some space for painting or modelling or a train set, you want to play your musical instrument without causing havoc using a transportable unit as a hobby room is a great idea. If you are into weight lifting or want a set up for a stationary bike or other cardio equipment, then a man cave in a unit can stop the equipment taking up space in your garage. One of the most popular uses for a man cave is a place to hang out with a few mates.Read More

Out with the old come and see our new Designer Series unit

Out with the old come and see our new Designer Series unit Springtime is a great time for a change. So we decided to give our site office a facelift by installing one of our new Designer Series cabins. First we had to move the old office – our team showing off their great crane manoeuvring skills as usual. Then we craned the new Designer Series office into place. This is one of the 12×3.6m units. Our Designer Series cabins are a great choice if you want all the benefits of a transportable cabin combined with a modern, stylish look. With high-end fixtures and fittings they are the perfect option if you are using a cabin for an Airbnb and want to stand out or you want a comfortable, cost-effective holiday home at your beach section. Give us a call if you’d like to know more, or arrange to popRead More

2bedroom larger transportable unit suitable for adult children moving home

Buying a Transportable Cabin unit for adult children

Are your adult children having trouble getting on the property ladder due to Auckland’s high house and rental prices? Perhaps you thought they had left for good and now due to one reason or another – maybe a change in personal circumstances or job – you find them wanting to come back home. Whatever the reason – if you don’t want your adult children living directly under your roof the answer is a transportable unit. Using a transportable unit for adult children gives everyone space and time The biggest benefit of using a unit instead of sharing a home is that you all get your own space. While you may come together for shared family time, you will also have your own spaces to retreat to for peace and quiet. Having your own space also means you can follow your own timetable.  You can all come and go as youRead More

a floor plan for a unit suitable for setting up a granny flat for elderly relatives

A Granny Flat Set-up for Elderly relatives

Setting up a granny flat for elderly relatives is a great way of bringing them closer to you for support while allowing them to retain their independence. Using a transportable unit as a granny flat is an easy way to add it to your property. All the building work is done off-site and the unit comes to you ready to go. However, you still need to furnish the unit yourself and this should be done carefully thinking about the people who will be living there. Three things to think about when you are setting up a granny flat for elderly relatives One of the key things to think about is making the granny flat accessible both now and in the future. Consider options like An open-plan setup with wide spaces between furniture to make it easy to move around Ramps instead of steps to the door if the ground isRead More

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